Tilting and 5-Axis Machining

Programs for five-axis machining often have to be written on CAD systems. The special functions of the iTNC 530 help to easily program simple 3-D machining operations directly on the machine.

In five-axis operations, the iTNC 530 uses its TCPM function to move the tool reliably on the contour and ensure that the work surface is not damaged.

The KinematicsOpt option helps you to calibrate the rotary axes quickly and automatically, regardless of the machine configuration. This ensures that the accuracy requirements of multi-axis machining are fulfilled even over long periods of time.

 Tilting a Plane
The iTNC 530 supports working in tilted planes and with multi-sided operations

 Virtual Tool Axis
Manual axis motion in the tool direction on 5-axis machines

 Calibrating Rotary Axes (Option)
Inspecting and optimizing machine accuracy with KinematicsOpt

 Guided Tool Tip (TCPM)
Maintain the position of the tool tip when positioning with tilted axes.

 Handwheel Superimposition
Manual superimposition of axis movements during program run