Fast and uncomplicated help from HEIDENHAIN when service is needed.

It’s a nightmare for any manufacturing company, but it happens again and again—a machine goes down. In many cases, the cause is the failure of an assembly or a device in the machine, and the repair cost is moderate. But these repair costs are multiplied by incomparably more serious factors like loss of production, shipping delays, personnel costs, logistical trouble, and much more. This all finally results in painful losses, and the longer production is blocked, the heavier the loss. The old saying, “Time is money,” is never so true for those affected as in this situation.

No matter how much quality control or machine maintenance you plan in, you’ll never be able to rule out the possibility of machine downtime. You can only set the goal of keeping its consequences as small as possible. In such incidents, time is of the essence. And time is exactly what HEIDENHAIN Service offers with its special exchange service for very many components.

In a service emergency, all you need is a call to HEIDENHAIN. An exchange unit is then shipped immediately and free of charge to the customer. For customers inside Europe, the unit frequently arrives within 24 hours and production can roll again. So the customer gets help definitely and without any red tape.

The customer sends the defective unit to HEIDENHAIN within four weeks of his call. Here it will be repaired, and the customer will be billed only for the repair costs actually incurred—and no more than 80 percent of the price of a new unit. In return for the delivered exchange unit, which the customer keeps, HEIDENHAIN gains ownership of the repaired unit for use as an exchange unit in further such service incidents. Not only is the customer helped quickly and simply, thanks to HEIDENHAIN Service Exchange the repair costs are reasonable and easily calculated.