HEIDENHAIN Repairs to Meet Customer’s Wishes: Expediently and to the Highest Standards

  • The functional repair restores the complete and fault-free function of the product. Traces of usage and wear that detract from appearance but do not reduce functionality are left as is. The functional repair option is therefore of interest for shop-floor operation because it is perfectly tailored to the core requirements of such repairs: The practical, economical and rapid resumption of production.
  • A premium repair also of course includes the benefits of the functional repair. Here, however, HEIDENHAIN also restores the optically brand-new condition. So it removes all traces of usage and wear that do not reduce functionality but do detract from the product’s appearance. This, in spite of the greater cost, is particularly interesting for machine tool builders and machine dealers, who offer such units as exchange parts and therefore desire a condition as good as new.

Of course, the choice between a functional and premium repair is only advisable for products that can be seen when mounted or installed, or are used in classical exchange units.

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