Encoders Helpline

Telephone +49 8669 31-3104
E-mail service.ms-supportheidenhainde

When you call, please have the device model and HEIDENHAIN ID number on hand.

Commissioning support for the installation of encoders
The HEIDENHAIN Service department can support you with commissioning, including on-site. In particular, this includes:

  • Installation of HEIDENHAIN encoders
  • Configuration of HEIDENHAIN encoders

This service is particularly prized when complex requirements are involved.

Field servicing for encoders
We are happy to help you with identifying and exchanging defective encoders.

Support for subsequent electronics
We can answer your questions about digital readouts, evaluation electronics, interface electronics, and metrology products (IK 5000).

Support for HEIDENHAIN inspection and testing devices
We can support you in using testing, diagnostic, and inspection devices such as the PWM 21 and PWT 100, as well as in the use of mechanical inspection devices such as the PWW. 

Machine calibration
Improve the accuracy of your machine. We are happy to calibrate your machines on-site. Motion errors are determined by means of various measurement procedures, and inspection devices and are then compensated for. This service can also be used for machines that have been in use for many years.

Encoder support training courses
Our experts of the Encoder Support Helpline are eager to share their knowledge with you. You can book the following courses directly though us:

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Technical support

NC Support Helpline
+49 8669 31-3101

PLC Programming Helpline
+49 8669 31-3102

NC Programming Helpline
+49 8669 31-3103

Encoders Helpline
+49 8669 31-3104

Application Programming Helpline
+49 8669 31-3106

Replacement Parts and Repairs Helpline
Germany: +49 8669 31-3121
International: +49 8669 31-3123

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